Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Facebook page created. sorry for the invisible profile pic, i'm working straight on that after i set up a twitter account! anyways, continue to stick around folks, you won't be disappointed ;). follow it at RPG and A Blogger, or here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RPG-and-A-Blogger/213365222055420


Logging into the world!

(10 points for understanding the title pun)
Hello all!!! yep, this is a new blog in the making right here. i rarely witness brand soanking new blogs, but now you guys have! don't go away yet though, let me say some things first

What is this Blog?:
            This Blog is going to be dedicated, and i mean DEDICATED to finding out the latest news on popular and new Animes and RPGs, and i will give frequent reviews for new stuff, vintage stuff, and everything in between! now, i HAD some walkthroughs, however my old PC broke down which had all the data, so one day once i get enough time, i'll work on that for everyone (and make sure it will NOT be that horrid ASCII from gamefaqs; something more readable).

How much will this Blog be updated?:
            Daily of course! and even more frequent if there's a big event (like e3) or other anime cons that will host some goodies. this site will dedicate itself for new information straight to all of you as fast as possible!

Is there a Facebook/Twitter page?:
            Hopefully by this weekend, yes. things will be hectics this first week(s) as to gathering and organizing information (and time, heh) so things may be a little off here and there, and the site may be slightly reformatted. so watch out for that.

Where is everything?:
            As i said, this week is gonna be hectic. i will try and organiize and add new content, but this week, be aware that this news/post feed is gonna be the active for now. it will look like there's nothing, but i assure you, it will come.

so stick with me for a week, check this out daily, and tell your friends! can't wait to check back with you all :)